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Hello Guys

How has the week been?

Today is Friday (TGIF) and it means it’s another time to put up the next in line of the WDYT stories that we have lined up. Thanks to everyone who hasn’t been stingy with their opinions and have always dropped them on previous editions. You guys are the real MVPs.

Without much delay, let’s help someone make an important life decision on today’s WDYT. Shall we?


Hello Sir,
My name is Emmanuel and I’m a follower of your blog. I must say big ups with the posts and all. I won’t take much of your time and that of your readers, as my case isn’t the relationship spider web-ish, love triangle whatever. Although to some extent, my case is somewhat similar.

So, I quit my job in August and I’ve been searching for a job since. I’m a married man and I have two kids (a boy and a girl). The thing is, late last month, I got an invite for an interview in a well-known company in the south-south region of the country. I went and came back, absolutely praying for it to go through. I got another invite from a not-so-well-known firm in Abuja, where I stay with my family.

I went for the interview and before the end of the same week, I got a mail requesting that I come for a meeting with the MD. An inside source has told me that if I get a mail requesting that I come for a meeting, then I’ve been selected. I went for the meeting and a resumption date was fixed for 5th of next month.

I was so happy until I got a mail from the south-south company also, that I’ve been asked to resume official duties, anytime I want, between when the mail is received and 20th of next month.
Now, here’s the twist – The firm here in Abj, has an interesting salary, very okay for a family man, and that’s just about it. There is the chance for career and personal development but there isn’t any immediate incentives.

The south-south company really has me feeling like a king already. The salary is twice and a little more than the local offer, I’ll resume with an official car, an official driver, accommodation, wardrobe allowance and travel incentive.

Before any of your readers start to wonder if I’m crazy for even asking this question, here’s the thing. Accepting the Abj offer, allows me time with my family while the south-south offer would see me gone for at least four months. Even if I relocate with my family, I still won’t see them (I know some people already know the job I’m referring to). I grew up with an absentee father and I don’t want my kids to the slightest feeling of that experience.

The economy is not smiling and it’s making me seriously consider the south-south offer and the local offer is just too basic. In fact, the salary is just 10k more than the job I quit in August. The first time I asked my wife, she said I should drop the south-south offer. Two days later, she said I MUST take it up.

Why did she change her mind? She said she gave it a deeper thought. I’m a really confused guy here. So, do you think I should take the offer from the local firm and live comfortably with my family, or do I join the south-south company, and say hello to the ‘rich life’ but accept that I’ll only be seeing my family thrice in a year (the thought alone strikes fear in my heart).

What do you think?

Thank you.

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