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You made it!... The last time you visited Mature Minds Talk was last year. Wasn't it?
Well, thank God we all are favoured enough to accept the gift of a brand new year. It's indeed by God's grace that we're still standing, spite of everything the year just passed threw at us.

Well, this year is a colorful year already. Well organized and very ready to be shaped into your best year so far.
This year, As you think it, and work towards it, You'll celebrate over it.
Don't be scared to lay your hands on something because it will surely prosper.

This year,
May you see the invisible.
May you feel the abstract.
May you do the impossible.
May you rise above it all.

Go and personify Awesomeness.

Happy New Year to every reader of this blog wherever you are. Happy New Year to you... yes, YOU!

I love you guys.

Let's go rock 2017. It's gonna be great.

Have fun and enjoy a fantastic year.

Elijah Ogidi-Olu,

Mature Minds Talk.

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