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Hey Guys,
Long time.

So, most of us caught wind of the viral photo of the young Kenyan couple that got married with just Ksh100 (just enough money to buy 2 rings).

In case you did not follow up on the story, a list of companies and individuals have indicated interest to sponsor a well organized wedding and honey moon for them. A business outfit have even offered to set up a business for the new wife (why the wife though?).

Thing is though; I personally don't think that love is not enough to sustain a marriage, and I'm not sure they gave their action a thorough think-through. I mean, there are some challenges/situations that would ask a couple, questions that love can't answer (only money can answer those questions).

It's not a bad thing that they decided to tie the knot after being totally sure about their love for each other, but would I be wrong to say they focused solely on love and discarded every other aspect of the marriage - Maturity, Stability, Capability, Sustainability, Independence, and so on?

The priest, rather than join them together could've counselled them not to be in a hurry but from some other people's perspective, they actually did the right thing. The man is 26, and the woman is 24 - An age many believed was ripe enough to get the green light.

But I think marriage (not wedding) doesn't really depend on the age you tie knot. It actually depends on your readiness and when you feel you're "indeed" up to the task to accept the responsibility of parenthood; because whether you like it or not, a third entity would soon be introduced into the equation. Then, you might realize that even though love conquereth all things, not everything needs conquering.

Some things just need answering, all you know what the good book said answereth all things.

Ok, enough of my "talkie talkie" - What do you guys think? Do you think it was right and wise for them to tie the knot, or it would've been better, had they waited and doubled their hustle (why did that sound awkward? Lol!)

Over to you.

Mature Minds Talk.

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