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“The world we live in is full of infinite wisdom, and that’s why there’s always something to learn from every experience”
“However bad an experience may seem, always ask yourself – What is the good in this?”
- Wise words from a bright man.

Here is the story that y’all have been waiting for – Jaybee’s Washing Machine Saga. *inserts nollywood soundtrack*

So it happened sometime last week when I decided to do my laundry. I went to consult this same washing machine in question, with the few clothes I had to wash.

Amongst these clothes was one shirt – It was my most prized shirt. Simple Hawes and Curtis but relatively expensive (If it can pay for two nights in a standard hotel, Lol… Shebi e try?). I normally would wash it alone but I guess I was just in life’s classroom that day.

I tumbled the clothes into the machine and set the timer. The clothes began to spin. “Na here the story con tie wrapper” (local parlance… If you don't know, ask someone for the meaning). As I turned to go, I saw my little face towel lying helplessly on the chair not too far. It practically looked like it was crying “I’m dirty too”

“I have enough clothes in there already” I thought… Then I thought again “What harm can a small face towel do?” and on I went, picked up the evil thing (you’ll understand later) and flung it into the machine. (I would later learn that I shouldn’t have done that).

You see, this year, while we have expensive ideas, brilliant charisma, outstanding character, and all sorts, we must be very protective of who we roll with... or who rolls with us. It’s too late for us to be NOBODY, hence, we are not allowed to roll with EVERYBODY. A large chunk of who you become tomorrow is as a result of who you choose to associate yourself with today.

What happened after the machine stopped spinning. I opened the lid and my heart skipped two beats. My white shirt had turned bright yellow – No thanks to the snaky face towel that decided to shed its skin in the water. My shirt was ruined!

N70 face towel!... Hawes and Curtis! (It kept playing in my head like a new single... Lol!)

I felt bad, but then it got me thinking about life. The washing machine could simply signify our schools, churches, offices, shops, and any other place we can’t but mingle with people. Face towels would always try to get to our Hawes and Curtis (they will. Trust me). This is a very risky situation, because these people don’t know jack but they act like they are paid special advisers.

Face towels don’t know, and they don’t know that they don’t know. Even when they are made to realize they don’t know, they still take glory and majesty in their ignorance. When you spot face towels trying to influence your Hawes and Curtis ideas (trust me, they can be quick influencers too), don’t ponder on what to do abeg. Just SWERVE!

This year, face towels will come as friends, relatives, brethren and "Sistren"(excuse my french) just anyone. Sharpen your insight and you’ll see them. Those who can’t see us past where we are now, let alone where we’re head. The "Now" people with no foresight. Jack of all trades, master of nada! Always looking for who to counsel.

Please, biko, dan’allah, ejo, mbok, let us not roll with face towels in 2017 if we value our Hawes and Curtis. (Ko le werk... It wee nur work).

Thank You.

p.s: Hypo di nur change back di colour o! (Lol!)... Any suggestions?

Mature Minds Talk.

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