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Hello Sir,

Compliments of the season to you. My name is Emmanuel. I am a Journalist and a newscaster. I’m happily married and I don’t have any issue per say, but here I am, still writing what might probably go live on your website, on any of these Friday's What Do You Think Series.

The thing is, my wife, who I’ve been married to for 3 years now, has too many friends. I wouldn’t have had any problem with that, or probably not as much problem with that as I have now, except these many friends are male friends. She has so many male friends to an extent that I feel is inappropriate for a married woman.

I’m not typically a jealous type but I must be very honest, this scenario, on several occasions test my ability to not be jealous. I don’t know how she came about them all but they’re always multiplying or something. I know she’s a marketer in her bank but I’m not sure if that is how every “married” female bank marketers have a congregation of male friends.

I wouldn’t want to say this whole scenario isn’t getting to me – at least, here I am writing a letter about it, but I just want to know what do to get along with the flow (even though I'll rather end it). She has always had a few male friends before we got married but it didn’t bother me then. From the childhood friend, the ex-school mate, the brother in the church, the colleague at work, the social media chat buddy, even to her phone repairer (like who the hell keep tabs with their phone repairers?!)

Many of them like that. Although one thing I'm very sure of is that she’s not cheating on me. Not because I sniff around for signs but because I trust my gut and she’s a terrible liar. So, I feel the moment she starts cheating, it won’t take long for me to know. But these her friends are something to write home about. Every time I bring it up, she says “when did it become a crime to have friends, whether as a single or married person?” She just seem oblivious of the point. 

I sound like I’m ranting but the thing is paining me because it’s slowly getting to a point where she’ll have to choose between us or her fans (as I call them). I don’t know if any of your readers are in any similar situation, and maybe they can help out with how to deal with situations like this. It’s frustrating and I’m really getting fed up.

What do you think I should do? Do I just look the other way and just be thankful that at least, she isn’t cheating, or do I put my foot down and tell her to be done with her male friends?... or is there any other better way to go about this?

Thank you.

Mature Minds Talk.

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