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Hmmm… Instagram

Sometimes, after the day’s work, most of which involves mental exercises, Instagram is one of the places I visit for stress relief. Thanks to accounts like Funny African Pix, Kraks HQ, & Twyse_116. Those are the ones I keep tabs with. Yes, I know there are a lot of them; both the funny ones and the desert dry ones. But who has time (no, not data) to be watching funny videos “upandan”?

I had seen different people with a funny pose of a Buddhist-like palm vertically (and strategically) placed in front of their faces. So on this fateful day, my mission on Instagram was different – I needed answers. Is there some “Asian flu”, “Religious brouhaha”, or what? It didn’t take long to find my answer – Falz the good guy (What’s bad about the guy abeg? Even his ‘Boda Taju’ accent is pretty good).

I found myself checking out different #WehdoneSir poses, and if like me you sometimes wander on the internet, you’ll understand the next turn of events – This is where things got really interesting – I clicked to check someone’s profile, from there, I checked someone else’s profile and I found myself watching a video of a lady eating bread and beans – ‘Hollup!’ Not just any bread and beans.

The ancient, ever green, irreplaceable, possessive, stress relieving Agege Bread featuring Ewa Agoyin (I believe this is one of the reasons Nigeria can never divide).

Wow!... I like the fact that my complimentary delivery was neatly packaged and the meal is also delicious. Hmm… Thank you so much Agoyin Special. You just got yourself a customer”.

After watching her recite those words, I checked her video caption, saw a funny looking handle (@agoyinspecial) and the explorer in me continued – I clicked!

You see, we just might keep struggling until we can start seeing, when others are looking.
Your break wouldn’t necessarily come by invention. It would most likely come by innovation. “Find an idea that’s working around you, tweak it so much, people don’t know where it came from” – Wise words from a bright man.

My own remix of those words: …and even if you can’t tweak it too much, just rePACKAGE it and put it back in the market. The lady who buys fruits (apple, cucumber, pineapple, etc), takes it home, dices it and re-sells it in a neatly packaged takeaway pack as her branded Fruit Salad, hasn’t done much, except idealizing and rePACKAGING.

Back to the story: I found myself on an IG account of some official Agoyin sellers. The PACKAGING was top notch and they even have a website. Haa!... For the same Agoyin some women carry in the pot on my street every morning – PACKAGING. Nothing is special about their Agoyin, except you probably have to go to their website, place your order and your Agoyin is delivered like pizza.

Never underestimate the POP in any business you’re doing – I mean the Power Of Packaging.
PACKAGING sets your biz apart from the rest.

Cheers folks!

Mature Minds Talk.

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