February 17, 2017 Elijah Ogidi-Olu 0 Comments

I've learnt quite a number of lessons in this my one life I've lived (especially between last year and now). Some of which I shared with my virtual family on Facebook, via a platform called Showmanship. I was the Showman, and I'll quickly just share with us some of the things I shared here. 

I think everyone should know and keep these points in mind, to make life's journey one with less friction. I'll be reminding myself these 7 points as often as I can. You may want to try it too. Here we go:

1. Never think "those" previous years are wasted or insignificant. The years past are what have summed up to form your moulding blocks, and you wouldn't be where you are now, without being there first.

2. You are exactly where God wants you to be. Don't look at another person's time and start turning the hands of your clock. We all are operating in our individually unique timezone. Obama left office at 55, Trump entered at 70 - Different timezone.

3. Have an attitude of Thankful reflection. There is something to learn from every experience you go through in life. If you can't find the good in that seemingly bad experience, then just know that however bad, it could have been worse.

4. Everyone has what they've been through in the past, that has formed the basis of how they think and act presently. Rather than judge people based on their actions, why not take time to understand them and know why they act the way they do.

5. Nobody owes you anything. Whatever you want out of life should be demanded by you. Life is not fair and you cannot bleach it. You don't expect anyone to give you anything. You need go get whatever you want,

6. Amoshine when Amoshine, and you gon shine when you gon shine. If your neighbour is shining, then be happy cos it's his time to shine. Don't be envious or turn to a "poke-nosa" (Lol!). When your time comes, people will have to wear shades to look at you - "Your Time".

7. Find your domain and dominate it. Whales are not expected to dominate the sky and eagles will die if they decide to compete in Aquatic Animals Olympics. Find YOUR anchor and destroy YOUR dungeon. That way achievement comes without stress.

Meanwhile, Jaybee, I wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Long Life and prosperity in good health, clean joyful wealth and overflowing peace. May every door you approach automatically open (yes, like motion sensor doors). God bless you today, tomorrow, and forever for the rest of your life.

Go put a dent on the universe you super powered weirdo!

Have fun and enjoy a great one.


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