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Happy Valentine's Day everyone, may this day bring us more of not only love, but peace, happiness, tolerance, and understanding. May our relationships continue to get better, stronger, and like the wine, get sweeter with as time goes by. Cheers!

*Wears mischievous sunshades*

The couple's greeting has ended - Continue reading at your own discretion. because from here downwards isn't the general Happy Valentine's Day shoutout.

Happy Valentine's Day to all the single peeps out there, who are of age, but have refused to be pressured into going into a relationship by friends, colleagues, relatives, and even parents. We deserve the best when we eventually find someone who we want to settle with - Life would agree with us.

Happy Valentine's to all those who have lost their partners. If we decide to remain single in their honour, then we have done the right thing and it simply indicates how strong our love was, when we had them around. If we also decide to go into a relationship, may life give us someone who would do far much better than our departed partner.

Happy Valentine's to all single parents out their who have been abandoned by their partners or supposed partners. If we are sure we truly did nothing wrong, then it's just a matter of time before true love finds us. Earth's law of getting what we give is sure to reward us with the love that will make us rise above our present state.

Finally, Happy Valentine's Day to all the guys/girls who are in relationships to test the waters, and never giving it their all. When our heart is broken, we'll say all men are scum or all women are trash. We won't confess how we were doing like Wi-Fi signal bar, rising and falling all through the relationship. We easily forget that relationships take testing the waters with both feet.

May we change from today and enjoy true love... and if it turns bad, may we have enough strength to dust ourselves and move on.

Happy Valentine Everyone.

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