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What you’re about to read is the true life of Anna (not real name) from Lagos. I’m sure some of us have heard this story, and for those of us who haven’t, we could adequately use this opportunity to weigh in and share our thoughts. This is one of most complicated stories I've heard in long while. If you can, disengage from any form of distraction and read through.


Anna had been dating Sam for over five years and it was no more a thing of doubt that they saw a future together. They had already started making plans for their future, and how life would be, after they tie the knot. But things were starting to get dry and grainy, and a lot of things in their relationship were beginning to get affected. Sometimes, these things come as partners grow older.

It seemed the relationship was heading for the rocks, as they were arguing over anything and everything. Sam decided they needed a break and this was in the summer of 19**. They went their separate ways, during which Anna met Charles. She had a stint of a rebound relationship with Charles during the summer, an action which brought her to the realization that she just can’t love anybody the way she loves Sam.

Summer ended and she just couldn’t wait to be back in the arms of her Sam. Little did she know that Sam missed her even more. Two week later, he popped “The Question” and before one thing could or couldn’t lead to the other, they tied the knot... But a day to the wedding, Anna discovered something that made her pass out.

She was feeling funny and she conducted one of the available pregnancy tests just to check. Alas! She was pregnant. Pregnant with Charles’s baby, just before getting married to the love of her life. What would she do? Who does she turn to? How would Sam take it? This surely means the end of the wedding and the start of a whole new sudden difficult life for her – It was just a short summer!

She decides to keep mute, went ahead with the wedding and she delivered a bouncing baby girl – the first child of the family. Innocent Sam of course thought the baby was his. Anna decides she was going to tell her husband just after her post natal, but her courage failed her. She had on many occasions decided to tell, either her husband, her daughter, or call both of them and confess but she had never been able to gather enough courage.

21 years went by and she is still yet to tell anyone. She was going to tell her daughter on her 15th birthday but she couldn’t, she was going to tell her on her 16th birthday but she couldn’t, on her 20th birthday, but she couldn’t, on her 21st, but it’s already 2 months after her 21st. No one knows who the true father of her first child is, except her.

As a matter of fact, she’s still in touch with Charles on Facebook and even he doesn’t know that anything came from their summer stint together, and he indeed has a 21 year old child with her. No idea at all. He's married too and has his own family, thought they just keep in touch once in a while as old time pals.

The weight of the secret weighs heavily on Anna’s conscience, day after day and she’s really scared that something is going to happen soon that would blow it all open. She's also scared of what would happen if she decides to reveal the secret. How it would affect the life of her husband, her daughter, her other children, Charles, his kids and his family generally - In fact, it's a whole big mess.

Definitely, a lot of innocent lives would be affected, should she decide to take away the bliss of all their ignorance. The weight is killing her though, and even though she had resolved to take the secret to the grave with her, she doesn't think she can go through with it.

The question now is: Should she summon courage and go down to the grave with her dirty secret, since she’s the only one that knows about it, or should she tell all the parties involved and brace herself for the tsunami of the consequences?

Have you ever been in a similar situation as Anna?

What would be your best piece of advice to someone in this situation?

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  1. It is a touching story, but its not the first and certainly wont be the last. Ive been in a similar situation, and ive realised the truth is never overrated. A truth hurts only once but a lie hurts forever when discovered. My advice is that she opens up to are husband behind closed doors. Then have a heart to heart talk with him, who knows he might forgive her. Then they can both decide a strategic way of telling there girl and when because, she might not have the emotional strenght to digest such news calmly. No one will !
    Either way her best bet is revealing what really went down and have peace in her grave.
    A yoruba adage says, Ase pamo lowa, kosi Asegbe. It wont ever continue to be a secret