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Hello Guys,
I’m so excited because it’s our first Woman Crush Wednesday - WCM on MMT and for those of us who’ve been living under a cave (*shade*), It simply means we’ll be picking out a female celebrity and celebrating them (Lol!). We’ll also be delving into a bit of their profile, and stating a few reasons why we love them as much as we do. So, straight to bi’ness (Yeup!).


Our first WCW on MMT is no other person than the multiple award winner and multi-platinum singer – Tope Alabi. *Yaay!*

Let’s do you the favour of bringing you closer to her, just so you know why we love her so much (to make her the pioneer WCW on MMT).

Patricia Temitope Alabi, the only daughter of 3 children, was born on the 27th October, 1970 in Lagos State, Nigeria. She hails from Ogun state; Yewa, Imeko precisely. She schooled in Ibadan, after which she proceeded to obtain a degree in Mass Communication at The Polytechnic, Ibadan and graduated in the year 1990. (the name of that Polytechnic though)... Moving on.

Tope Alabi pursued her educational attainment with all seriousness and dedication it deserves because her parents were disciplinarians of the highest order. She however opted to join “The Jesters International” (Jacob, Papilolo & Aderupoko) during her secondary school days, between 1982 and 1984. Mainly because of her passion for music and drama.

After her graduation, she worked as a correspondent for NTA Ibadan, before moving to Lagos between 1990 and 1991, where she worked at NTA Channel 7 Tejuosho (Now NTA Channel 10, Lagos) between. She worked with Centrespread Advertising Limited, Ilupeju, Lagos; and a few other outfits. In 1994, she joined “Aromire Theatre Group” and used that as her much needed come back into the Theater Art profession.

That decision turned out to be one of her best decisions, as she was able to distinguish herself as a musician and actress. From then on, it has been from one step to another without looking back. She was (still has been) involved in various film productions, stage drama and most importantly the soundtrack production with which she was well known and considered as an authority in the Nigeria Yoruba Movie industry.

Tope Alabi is considered by many as the biggest gospel musician in Nigeria, with her songs been recycled, year after year. It be noteworthy to state that Tope Alabi is the pacesetter of soundtracks in the Yoruba Home Video Industry. She has to her credit to date, about 400 soundtracks which she had composed for various Yoruba movies. She also has 5 music albums to her credit and over 50 tracks.

Her hit tracks include… All her songs are hits jhor!

She’s probably the most heard voice on Instagram, as her song “Aye Le” has been used in over 300 funny Instagram skits – some of which aren’t even done by Nigerians.

So that’s it for our WCW guys, next time you hear “Aye Le” on Instagram, just know that lady up there contributed in making you laugh.

Can you guess who our next WCW would be?

Here's the popular "Aye Le" video:


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