February 20, 2017 Elijah Ogidi-Olu 0 Comments

So, I was in an eatery some time ago, when a gentleman walked in. It was lunch hour, so there were quite a number of customers in front of the counter. Although there wasn’t a line, the attendants were trying really hard to ensure every customer was being attended to in time.

This gentleman strolls to the counter, places his left elbow on the counter, stands sideways with his right hand in his pocket and lets out a nice smile. He had such charisma, you would think he probably owned the place.

“So what would you like for lunch sir?” A light skinned lady asked, holding an empty plate in her left hand.

“Hmmm… what do you have?” He replied with his charming smile.

“Anything you can think of for lunch… or here, just go through the menu” the lady replied pointing upwards. Apparently, there was the menu board, tagged to the top of the counter.

“You know what?... I’m too hungry to start racking my brain about the menu. Just give me anything”
Without saying a word, the lady took the next person’s order, then the next person, then the next. The man had at this time removed his phone from his pocket and was scrolling through

“This man isn’t hungry at all. He should just leave the counter for other hungry folks” I thought like it’s any of my business. I was almost done with my own meal.

Hardly had I finished poke-nosing that the man raised his face.

“What the hell is this?!... What’s wrong with you people?!... I’ve literally been standing here for 20 minutes! Is this how you treat your customers?! Is there a manager I can speak to?!...”

The man went from 0 – 100 real quick. From Charming smile to “Where’s my food?!” in millisecond (Oh… so he was actually hungry. Lol!)

You see most of us in life are just like this man. We get to the counter and rather than place a specific demand, we demand for anything. Then we get worked up and frustrated when we try to get anything and we get nothing.

If only we could look around with insight and realize life sometimes flashes the question – WHAT DO YOU WANT?

Most of us have replies that sound like:

“I want to make it” – Make what? Tea?

“I want to be very rich” – Really? Can I give you N200? (You’ll be N200 richer than before)

“I want to get to the top” – Top of which tree?

“I want to be blessed” – Are you fellowshipping for the first time?

Our subconscious, which connects to the forces in the universe and controls a lot in the process of goal setting and goal getting, doesn’t actually understand vaguely set goals. Replies like those above result to NOTHING (apologies about the “blessing” part but it’s the truth).

When setting goals, let’s make it definitive and time bound. Let’s put specifics on it and give it a deadline. How about replies like:

“I’ll make products that sell for N20k upwards before the next six months”

“I want to make N5M profit by 31/12/2017”

“I want to buy a new car before the end of next month”

“I want to be the MD of my workplace by March 2019”

You’ll realize that goals set this way becomes clearer to work with; hence, faster to accomplish. Set the goals before you focus on the “How”. You’ll start to see opportunities where you previously haven’t seen anything, or have seen just problems. Have your answer ready ‘cos life can at any time ask you the question: WHAT DO YOU WANT?

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