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So, a couple of days ago, Felix (not real name) and I were having a conversation and he told me about his plight. I’ll like to share it with you; maybe there’s someone going through the same situation. Hopefully, this would serve as some sort of answer to get you dusted and moving on.

“I’m studying Microbiology presently but I don’t have one grain of passion for it. I love to write and writing is the number one thing that gives me joy. Sometimes, I lock myself away from the world and write away for hours. Nothing else can take that much of my time. I’m single now though, so I don’t know how it’ll be when I have a partner who’ll also need a portion of my time and attention.”

“That’s great!” I replied “As a writer myself, I love it when young minds say these things. It means that there are still very active sources, where positive energy is dispelled into the atmosphere and other writers can also tap from. Nice one bro!”

He then went quiet for one ‘very long’ minute, time long enough for me to know something was wrong.

“But I don’t think I want to write anymore. My friends are telling me to be serious and realistic with my life. They say writing is not a lucrative line and I can’t be as financially comfortable as I want to be. They said even though I’m a good writer, while my mates are working in banks, oil and gas firms, building & construction companies, health, insurance, and the rest, I’ll be scribbling words that people may not even read. Also they said…”

I allowed him finish his epistle and here’s my simple reply, which I’ll also like to give anybody having doubts about following their passion.

“Felix, do you know that if what you studied in school is directly proportional to your financial stability and sustainability, then Bankers should be the richest people in the world. I mean, this people sleep and wake up with money. They see, feel, and even dream about money. But do you know why bankers aren’t the richest people in the world?”


“Simply because 89% (my personal stat from close interaction, scrutiny and observation) of bankers don’t even know how they ended up there, what they’re doing there, or when they’ll leave there. Cash isn’t money to them but tools of their trade. Just so is it for people who have turned themselves into professional robots, cycling the routine, month-after-month, living for the pay day and nothing else.

The problem isn’t necessarily the tracks but the athletes. We live in a world where a lot of fishes are up in the sky, praying and yearning for water, and a lot of birds are deep down in the waters, drowning and gasping for air. A world where we’ve been made to believe that some professions are ants, when some others (elephants) are called.

There are a lot of people majestically seated behind large mahogany desks, who know deep down that they should busy dirtying themselves in their farms. There is that HR guy currently running a presentation, who knows even at that spot that he should be in his kitchen with his co-chefs, “cheffing” things out.

Felix, your friends, just like the society have lied! Look at people like John Grisham, Stephen King, James Patterson and Mummy J.K. Rowling and see the truth. Whatever it is you want to do, someone whose generation will forever be thankful to, has done it. Hope that answers your question”

And yes, Felix is Nigerian, so I totally understand where he’s coming from, but look at Late Isaac Durojaiye Agbetusin (SAN), aka Otunba Gaddaffi and his “Sh*t Business is Serious Business” slogan. His fellow legal practitioners would’ve thought he had mental hea…
…Enough said.

To every Felix out there, Go and turn your passion into profit, so you understand how it feels, being paid to do “nothing”.

Mature Minds Talk.

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