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I was young and naïve; big dreams in my small head
I knew where I was headed; colourful future in my monochrome mind
I saw just the destination; not any swerve, not any bend
I heard motivational speakers say I have to leave the past behind

I was afraid...

I didn’t really pay attention; I thought I deserved the bed of roses
I quickly learnt what life taught; nobody owes me nothing
I stared right at my red sea; I had to become my Moses
Going back isn’t an option when your dreams start calling

I was afraid...

I held on tightly to the mental picture, forging through the storm
I was shocked; Belief, Determination, and focus weren’t enough
I lost, I cried, I learnt, and almost forgot where I was coming from
I realized and remembered the saying “When the going gets tough...”

I was afraid...

I came to the world a prince, but I learnt to swing the sword
I always wanted more; so I couldn’t, when others stopped
I can achieve it, if my mind can conceive it; and that was the word 
I heard that and knew one day I’ll be standing at the top

I was(n’t) afraid...

I steadied my sling and picked up some skills
I was ready to either overcome my fears or die trying
I locked myself with my Goliaths, and adrenalin replaced the chills
I took them down one after the other, that Spartan feeling

- Jaybee (2017)

Mature Minds Talk.

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