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Let’s quickly paint a picture. Ready?

Assume you’re walking down a lonely road and someone walks up to behind you from nowhere, and then whispers “Your money or your life” we both can guess what your first reaction would be, even without looking back. Have you ever asked yourself this “Jamb Question”: “Who was the first person to use that phrase?” Or you think thieves had a meeting and a long time ago, and they brainstormed on what to say to announce their presence, and then came up with that phrase? I personally don’t think so.

The point here is, the moment you hear that phrase, without much strings attached to your thoughts, you know it’s most likely time for “business”(don’t mind me), except someone is messing around. The same way, the moment you hear or see some other words or features, you automatically know what they stand for. The reason this is, is simply because those brands have found what makes them unique. So the question here is – What Makes Your Brand Unique (and Relatable)?

What makes your tribe bubble and come alive when it’s said or shown? Churches especially understand this principle and sometimes, through what some members say, through how they appear, or maybe a phrase that replaces a greeting, you can almost immediately tell which church they belong to. It’s a principle of rapport which can be applied to your business. Believe it or not, it can invariable cause a boost in your brand presence, but more importantly profit margin. 

If we were to play a game of “First Thing That Comes To Mind”, when I mention Football, I’m sure you’ll probably blurt out Messi or Ronaldo. When I mention online shopping in Nigeria, you’ll probably blurt out Jumia or Konga. When I mention TV stations in Nigeria, you’ll probably blurt out Channels or Silverbird. When I mention bleaching cream, you’ll probably… never mind (that answer might be ‘risky’) but you get the drift.

That is a milestone we should all be looking to cross in business and trust me, we should selfishly be aiming to make our brand names, the first name that comes to mind, when the goods and/or services we offer are mentioned; such that even by just our slogans, our brand names will be known. Hate it or love it, when I say “everywhere you go” you know what I’m talking about (especially because those guys don’t go anywhere.. Lol!).

As a business person, if you haven’t started thinking that big, you had better. If your brand is there already, don’t forget us in your kingdom.

Thank you for your time. Cheers!

Mature Minds Talk.

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