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“Women don’t have sense! Seriously, no iota of sense is in their heads. They make their stupidity get the best of them, then they play the victim.”

I kept my gaze fixed on Rotimi (“The Cool G” as close pals called him), as I sat in his office and I could see the fire in his eyes. Whatever his wife had done this time, really got to him.  But even at that, I could also see someone who needed help and needed it fast. I cleared my throat to speak.

“But you can’t just say women don’t have sense. That’s a wild generalization” I said, shifting a bit in my seat. “Even your wife who’s acting up now, would soon come around and everything will be fine. You know if…”

“Ok, what exactly is my offence?” He cut in quickly “I’ve thought and thought about this whole thing and can’t seem to find where my fault is. See o… I set up two businesses for my darling wife; both crashed. I didn’t complain. I set up the third and that’s my sin. I’ve been the one cheering her on, 
every step of the way. I’m not claiming to be a saint, but I’ve never disrespected my wife in any way.

If anything happens now, everyone will start shouting Domestic Violence, DV, Men are scum and all sorts. See Jay, let me tell you something. For the past three days, I’ve not gone home straight after leaving work. I buy Boli and fish with Suya on my way home, then I park three streets away, eat and sleep. I set my alarm for 1am, then I wake up and go home. Oh! You’re surprise abi

Please tell me what I’m supposed to do when my wife has married her business and left me to return to bachelorhood? Tell me na. She leaves for work around 7am, and returns around 11pm. She has staff o. At first I felt like ok, she was just trying to reward my efforts and trust by ensuring this business survives and I was keeping up with it.

But then, when I began to feel really lonely, I called her and told her that we we’re losing touch, and asked her if anything was the matter. I told she might want to take her foot off the pedal a bit on her business. Just so she can see other things going on around her. She didn’t act as if what I said just made her realize anything. She just said “Ok” and nothing changed. I’ve called her and spoken to her on several occasions after then but each time she makes me regret it.

She talks back at me and tells me to stop disturbing her life. That she’s a driven career person. Imagine! Now, it has escalated to exchange of words and verbal abuse. I wonder why all those Feminists idiots don’t shine enough light on verbal abuse and its psychological effect. My madam has said some words to me that even my parents have never said to me. Anytime she does that, I’ll just pick up my car keys and drive off.

I’ve promised myself never to talk to her about this issue again. I know she’s pushing me outside, but I respect my vows to the last drop of blood in my veins. The one I’ll not take is someone talking to my mother. We had a heated argument day before yesterday and she said something and mentioned my mum. I didn’t hear it clearly and I asked her to repeat herself. God just saved her that she didn’t, ‘cos all hells and heavens would have been let loose. If we ever argue and she mentions my mum... My mum… The kind of slap I’ll give her ehn, I swear, her mum will feel it.

I’ll never support any form of violence but God help the person that tries to call my mum with their stupid mouth. Those idiotic activists would just be talking as if their brains have been replaced with noodles. Saying there’s nothing a woman can do that warrants a man hitting her. When she was in the bank, could she talk like that to her boss? Or can she talk like that to a bus conductor if they’ll not blacken her eye?

See Jay, everyone has elastic limit and the moment…”

“I gotta get back to work Rotimi” I quickly chipped in (I’ve heard people who have issues in their marriages can rant for hours).

“No wahala bro… We’ll see after work.”

See for another round of rant? Just bundle your wife and go see a counsellor instead please” I thought to myself as I made my way out of his office.

“Alright na. Later” I said, shutting the door behind me.

Mature Minds Talk.

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