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Heath Ledger’s popular statement – If you're really good at something, never do it for free has become a mantra for quite a number of business people, and I think there’s always a caveat to the statement, because everyone (including a business owner) loves free things. So guys, please let’s understand that the statement is really technical and I’ll explain what I mean.

I don’t have any issue whatsoever with putting a FEE on what you could have done for FREE, because it is totally correct when turning your passion to a profitable business. Whatever makes you tick should make you rich. Meaning, whatever you’re really good at, and passionate about, should be what puts food on your table and money in your bank account.

With that out of the way, always remember the importance of the free stuff, from the stage when you’re trying to grapple unto the ladder, to when you’re sitting pretty on top of the wall. Imagine if Mark, seeing how fast Facebook was growing, were to put a subscription fee on Facebook. I’m sure the Facebook experience wouldn’t be what we have now. I can assure you of that (there are currently 2.07 billion monthly users of the platform).

One very deep example of the gains embedded in giving out (seemingly) free stuff which took the whole world aback, happened on February 12, 2017 when Chance the Rapper (You can check him out on Google) went back home with three Grammy Awards without a single sold track.

As if winning three straight Grammy awards on the third time of asking wasn’t bizarre enough, Chance the Rapper (very funny name though) became the first music artiste to win a Grammy with neither an album, nor a record label representation. (No label like Agege bread. Lol!). What then did he win a whole 3 Grammy awards for?

He won them for his “Mix-tape” titled: Colouring Book (Yeup! A bloody mixtape)

The 23-year old went on to become the first rapper to win a Grammy off a mixtape. Reviews of “Colouring Book Mix-tape” showed that listeners rated it better than many other Mixtapes, EPs and even albums, (including albums of some popular names in hip-hop) as people genuinely appreciated the depth and effort that went into the production by him and his group (why won’t they appreciate, when they didn’t pay a dime for it? Lol!)

After the release of the mix-tape in May 2016, he allowed people to stream it online for free. Chance the Rapper went on to bag seven nominations for his mix-tape, Coloring Book, which was directed, produced, and streamed to the web, all from his home town; Chicago. It was the first streaming-only mix-tape to win a Grammy.

Sometimes, people won’t know your real value until you allow them have a taste of it. Don’t worry, if there’s real value, they won’t taste and walk away. They will actually taste and come rushing back, screaming “Take my money!”. In 2014, a popular American record label refused to sign Chance, saying he wasn’t a risk they were ready to take. Now his CV is not on the same level. But how many would he have gotten to appreciate his art if he had put a price on the mixtape?

Just wondering…

Doing what you do best for free strategically, (once in a while) is a major secret to business success. Everyone with a business to handle should know this. No wonder those with (FREE) platforms on the internet control the tides of the revenue generated online.

Give that valuable stuff out for free (emphasis on “valuable”) and watch how it sends people your way, who are ready to break their wallets for it.

Hope this helps.

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