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According to Livescience, research shows that most deaths during a week day, happens on a Monday (Why don’t you look surprised?). Also, the most common cause of death has been reported to be heart attacks. You know, it could just be a case of someone resuming work on Monday, and as soon as they grab the door handle and set foot inside the office, a sharp grunt follows, suitcase falls, both hands grab the chest and they dramatically make their way to the floor. Adieu!

Research also shows most deaths on Monday are recorded between 9am and 11am but personally, I think those guys didn’t just die on Monday morning. They’ve been cumulatively dying for a long time and just couldn’t hold it together anymore. I don’t want to imagine what Sunday evenings would look like for them. The mood swing, the anxiety, the palpitations, the uneasy sleep, and the hatred for that alarm when it innocently does its job.

Don’t Die On Monday. Please don’t. The grim reaper once said in a news conference that he doesn’t have a favourite day of the week. Lol! Seriously, Monday is innocent. She’s even being rehabilitated now. Do you know what it feels like to be hated by almost everyone? Now, in defense of my very lovely Monday, here are 10 quick tips that may help you both foster a better and enjoyable relationship.

1. Change Your Mindset – Lovely Monday is in no way the worst day of the week, and “Monday blues” is a myth. What has caused those many deaths is people’s negative mindset. Every Monday when you wake up, let out a bright smile because she’s about to usher you into a fantastically productive working week.

2. Stop Living for the Weekend – Most people feel sad on Sunday evening because work resumes “tomorrow”. If you can’t emotionally handle the switch, then don’t travel to outer space, only to return to earth on Monday. If possible, just keep the weekends simple.   

3. Stop Being Reactive – You have the power to take charge of any day and chart its course. Don’t sit in the passenger seat and let Monday drive. She keeps failing her driving test. Try to be proactive rather than reactive. Like a plague, avoid anything that wants to transmit negative energy. You know why they ask “How was your day?” It’s because it’s YOUR day.

4. Make Intentional Decisions – Deciding to have a wonderful day goes a long way in making it so. This doesn’t magically removes the day’s unavoidable obstacles, but it reminds you that in spite of those obstacles, you owe yourself a wonderful day.

5. Have a Schedule – Don’t kill yourself with work on Monday. You have four more working days left. Easy! Break your week’s tasks down and apportion each day the volume fit for it. Without a schedule you might subconsciously subject yourself into unnecessary pressure on Monday.

6. Be the Influencer – Ever met someone who brightens up the room when they walk in? Train yourself to be that person. Be an agent of happiness and radiate that energy in your workplace. You also might just be saving a life. I know Monday. She’ll reward you for that.

7. Utilize Weekends – Aha! No commandment ever said “Thou shall not work on Weekends”. If you’ve got any outstanding, utilize the weekend. Don’t shelve them and go bungee jumping all through the weekend. Get to work!  

8. Love What You Do – You might not be doing what you’ll rather. But would you rather be jobless? Exactly. So find a way to develop a likeness for that stressful job. See it like you’re only undergoing necessary training before you finally start bossing your own business.

9. Do What You Love – If the previous point doesn’t work for you, then by all means, please STOP! Don’t die doing what you don’t love just so you can receive that credit alert by month end. It’s not worth it. If you can’t love what you do, then leave and go do what you love.

10. Have Fun! – Learn how to sandwich fun between work periods. Take power naps, take a walk, eat like a zombie, play games (if your office provides), just have fun basically. Thrash anxiety. At the end of the day, your productivity is what matters.

Hope you had fun today.


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