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In an electrifying atmosphere at Wembley, for the home team, it was just a case of stepping onto the pitch, trying to get a grasp of their raging hearts, as Tony Britten’s 1992 “Champions League” anthem filled the stadium, transcending what would have just been 22 players, running on semi synthetic grass, kicking the round leather beauty… To gladiators in an arena, trying not make eye contact with the “Mighty Galacticos”.

They knew better than to be deceived by the handshakes. The arena would soon be soaked damp with the sweat of the gladiators. 11 of them hungry to right the wrongs of a fortnight ago, that made the lowly Spurs pick the Galacticos’ pockets and escape with a point at the Bernabue. Worse still, in front of 81,044 onlookers. Tonight is a night for redemption.

Oh you gotta be ready! The reigning champions, unbeaten in their previous 30 (Champions League) battles are paying you an unfriendly visit. If you like matters worse, the gladiator, who some believe is not from Portugal, but a Greek demigod from the lineage of Zeus, also has his feet down on your front yard. Oh you gotta be ready. It could quickly become a Halloween party in the blink of an eye.

There was just one question on everyone’s mind – “Can they pick the Galacticos’ pockets for a point and escape again?”

With the match still in its infancy, it began to become clearer that the lowly Spurs understood the fact that they somewhat had nothing to lose. They had lost their last two domestic games, and if they made it a hat-trick of loses here, everyone would’ve gone “It’s Real Madrid. They had a slim chance of winning in the first place”. It became clear that Dele “David” Alli brought a few stones to test on the visiting Spanish Goliath.

You bet it was an end-to-end affair. A clash that left many wide-eyed. While the visiting team tried to boss around the pitch, the home side stuck their guts to discipline, rode on the back of belief and were determined to “die put” (pardon my French). Oh well, by the 66th minute of the game, the lowly Spurs were having a party. Rather than show the “Mighty Galacticos” around their home, they had simply taken them to the laundry room.

Dele Alli and his brothers-in-arms, had ensured the defending champions had a really quiet flight back to Spain, after suffering their biggest aggregate defeat in a competition they’ve won more times than any other team. A look at the team stats and you’ll understand that football can never be judged on paper. The only thing the home team had done more was “Fouls”. Throughout the span of 90minutes, they had just “One Corner” (Don’t you dare sing!).

I think having sights like these is a privilege for football lovers with a deeper sense of absorption. Anything is possible, and any record is breakable. Belief is key! A proud night it was for Tottenham Hotspur and especially for the Englishman – Dele Alli, who’ll like you to explain in the comment section below, exactly why you don’t like football. 

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