November 09, 2017 Elijah Ogidi-Olu 4 Comments

“Wake Up Jaybee!”

“But why?... I’m enjoying this trip”

“You’ll soon have to get back to work and you need to quickly compose today’s content”

I don’t like it when the tiny voice in my head guilt-trips me into doing things, especially at times like this when I’m touring “Good Old Town”. So, rather than start thinking of the right thing to write, let me let you in. From here on, you are inside my head for the next couple of minutes. Welcome to Good Old Town. I come here once in a while, so everything is in shape.

If you’re allergic to nostalgia, be warned. Good Old Town is all shades of it. This is strictly for those who grew up in Nigeria. Find your own Nostalgia if you didn’t. Sorry. While you mo… Careful!... That picture is from a time during breakfast, and that’s me dunking my bread inside my teacup. Oh here I am, rushing home from school to meet the start of TV stations’ transmission by 5pm. You remember that song “Our Sweetest Station NTA 2, NTA 2 Channel 5!”

Remember those dope series – Tiny Toon Adventures, The Lion King, Taz-Mania, Rug-Rats, and so on. That’s me watching… what movie was it again? Wasn’t it Terminator, Mrs Doubtfire, Home Alone, Apollo 13, Jurrasic Park, Coming to America, Rocky, or Equalizer 2000… can’t quite remember. Oh, and that’s me cutting paper currencies to spend during “Daddy and Mommy”. I was always the child. Never got to play “Daddy” *side eye*

Well, I preferred it to “Hide and Seek”, “Police and Thief”, “Stay/freeze”, “Obey My Command”, “Who’s in the Garden”, “Form a Big Circle” and “Where did I see” (My bro was always asking where he saw what only him can see). That’s me stretching my hand and singing for a bird to poo on my fingernails, to make them white and fine. I was flying kites in this picture and I played truancy just so I could play with this Red Toy Car. Gone are the days.

The nostalgia of recitations may be too much for you, but at least you remember “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, “I see the moon; the moon sees me”, “Wherever you go”, “Biro Master”, and… Wait! Hope you also believed that India beat Nigeria 99-1 in a football match where the ball transformed to various kinds of animals. Santa Claus creeped me the heck out. I still don’t like him or his gifts. I’ll rather watch Chukky, Mount Zion Horror Movies, or Willow.

Big Boy starter pack – 1 Head warmer/Bandana/Durag, 1 Fila face cap, 1 Fubu oversized T-Shirt, 1 baggy Jean or Combat, 1 “Timbolo” (go figure), 1 walkman (with extra audio cassettes). Alternatively, you can manage a Palito radio. But before we became big boys, playing the “200 in 1 brick games” with the overhead light, there was just the “10-10”, “Tinko tinko”, “After Round 1”, and “Who Mess?!”.

That’s me rolling a tyre (I was an expert driver), before there was Table Soccer, Fall the Maize cobs, and Rubber Band Olympics. Oh how I enjoyed Tales by Moonlight. Remember Sprint and Banana chewing gums, Baba Dudu, Short Cake and Coconut biscuits, the choco cubes, Video Cassette rewinders, Kitto and Trekkers sandals and Goody Goody. Christmas period was a time for new shoes and clothes, but looking back now, you can’t but exclaim “Gone are the days!”

Mature Minds Talk.

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  1. Wow, very interesting memory lane and efficiently written/crafted.
    Beautiful write up.

  2. Replies
    1. They are indeed good old days. Thanks for reading