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As much as I’ve said I won’t be saying anything about this religious topic, since it doesn’t affect the generality of religions as a whole, here we are, with you reading what might not be your business after all. I think that’s the point of this article – A subtle reminder to me, the writer; to you, the reader; and to everyone else, to stick our noses where it belongs.
I’m a Christian, and if you make your research right, Christianity is the most diverse religion in the world. I mean you can’t name it all. We have the Anglican, the Catholic, the Pentecostal, the Baptist, the Adventist, the Methodist, I could go on and on, all under the same canopy of Christianity. So first of all, you need to understand that our doctrines might be quite different, even if we fall under the same religion. Capiché?
Second of all, when you sit down and try to tell people about their religion, bear it in mind that they may not be one of those who sit down and take in all what religious leaders say, hook, line and sinker. They may make their personal researches too. I also would also would like you to respect my intelligence, and don’t label me gullible because I do something in the name of religion, and you don’t. Doesn’t make you any wiser or smarter.
Now, to those talking about paying or not paying tithe, I have three quick questions:
1. Is it your money?
2. Is it your money?
3. Is it your money?
Now, after answering these three questions (someone said the questions look the same. I don’t care) understand that Tithing is a religious responsibility in Christianity, just as Judaism has Tzedakah, and Islam has Zakat. Now, also understand that in religion, if you eat "Arguments" for dinner, you can easily make one question give birth to three others. Let me make it practical and tell you pay tithes.
1. What percentage of my income should I pay as tithe? (66.5321%. You didn't know?)
2. What exactly is the tithe used for? (Monthly purchase of Private Jets; of course)
3. Am I going to hell if don't pay tithe? (Do I look like I'm the one with the register?)
See, let me help you out a bit. I said in one of my previous articles, that everything we know, we learnt. So, if as a Christian, you grew up with a doctrine that says "Paying of tithe is a waste of money"; you'll always see those paying tithe as one of the problems of Christianity (knowing fully well that God said he hates wastage). You get the logic?
Brethren and "Sistren", if you have the mixture of conviction, deep level of research, and the application of common sense, you can almost never go wrong on any controversial issue. If you take the deeper understanding of... (backspaced because I promised myself not to quote any bible verse). It is wrong to force people to conform to your doctrine(s).
If you go to any church where you're forced or threatened to pay tithes, I wonder why you'restill sitting down there.
If I don't pay tithe, I don't pay tithe, not because of what anyone says in Church, on social media, and not 'cos family and friends don't pay. I don't pay because I've given myself to deep research, I've applied my common sense, and I feel a deep sense of conviction in my spirit that I'm a hundred percent correct... And if I do pay tithes, it's because of the same reason.
Rather than sit down in front of your phone camera, and form one "yeye" online religious revolutionary, calling people "sheeple" for what they do or do not do, why not encourage them to give themselves to deep research and stop doing things cos that's what "they" said is right? Why not understand that some people are paying, or not paying tithe because that's where deep research, application of common sense, and personal conviction brought them.
After all said and done, when people tell you they pay tithe and you feel pained on their behalf, because that means one more private jet for the MOG, take a deep breath, take a cup of tea, and take a quick glance at the title of this post. Yup!
Is It Your Money?

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