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If there’s one thing I can be sure of, it’s that by the end of my Writing Challenge, I’ll have shared some personal info with the world, with which you can boldly say you know me a little bit more than just from afar.

Recent conversations have been centered on a businessman in the beauty and cosmetics industry in Nigeria, since news broke that he has been arrested for coming out of the closet and declaring his sexual orientation. While some are saying the reason for his arrest isn’t related to his sexuality, others are saying the cops were already itching to have him arrested. But that’s not even my problem or concern.

I’m so annoyed because I simply just took a thirty minutes break from work and went to my Twitter timeline to see what’s going on and the news of this bleaching cream merchant littered the whole place. In fact, it was trending. I quickly took off to Instagram and guess what? This same news was all over. Basically, the timeline has suddenly become risky for one go through in peace. Since everyone is dropping their OPINION, here’s mine.

I remember my first encounter with homosexuality – It was my second year in secondary school. I wasn’t sure what spirit had moved round the hostel but boys were on a humping spree. We were about fifteen boys. Two boys started humping each other, another boy joined, then another, and another. I just stood there bemused, trying to wrap my tender brain around what my eyes were feeding it.

It was such a disgusting sight that day. The strong irritation for what I beheld came to me naturally, just as breathing or blinking. It was stomach wrenching, even for “Young Jaybee”.

If you’re a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT), in my opinion, I strongly believe that you're on the pinnacle of confusion, and there's something is wrong somewhere in your head. No offence intended. I’m basically saying you’ve subconsciously undergone some conditioning (maybe an experience) and what you’re exhibiting is the result of a mind that’s been tampered with. There’s always the “You” before the “Gay You” your brain may just have blotted most of those parts out. Sad!

“That’s how I was born” is a statement that toys with my “Patience” button. That’s freaking not how you were born. Snap out of your emotional low self-esteem. And for those saying it’s none of their business what two adults (of the same gender) do in their privacy, just know that the road of morality and sanity of the coming generation, has too many deadly potholes already. Just don’t say anything likewise against Bestiality, Mechanophilia, and the likes. Hypocrites!

Nobody taught me to be homophobic. I witnessed homosexuality way before I knew it even had fancy names and my natural response to it was a volcanic eruption of negative emotions… and if Mother Nature herself can tell me that something is wrong, then who the heck are you? Give yourself in to therapy and mind conditioning. There are real success stories. Stop imprisoning yourself in your mind. Fix up your life.

The earth's force field itself is designed like one giant magnet. Take away the earth’s magnetic field, and the whole planet could be gone in a matter of hours. The day you see a magnet attract it’s like pole, shoot me!

My name is Elijah and I’m proudly homophobic.


Mature Minds Talk.

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