November 29, 2017 Elijah Ogidi-Olu 0 Comments

The things I’ve been reading on the news recently makes me so sad for Africa. When did it come to this? How long has this rot been spreading under our skin? When did we lose every sense of honour, prestige and respect for one another as fellow Africans? How did we come this low? How can I wrap my brain around all I’ve seen recently?
I thought you were my brother. I thought you were supposed to have my back. My country's leaders have failed me; the system has failed me; everything has left me broken and all I have is a tiny flicker of hope... Well, rather the promise of a better life across the shores. It’s not going to be easy but if only you can make it to the land of dreams; they said.
You were supposed to have my back brother; I never knew it was too much to ask to create a passage for me to pass. I never knew the real danger on the road to the “promise land” was amongst my own brothers;  the same sons of Mama Africa. All I wanted was to make it past the shores. I would’ve braced myself more for this if I was taken back to when it was a war of race and colour.
So flipping what? So flipping what if I land on your soil illegally?! So flipping what if I rest for a while before returning to my search for hope?!
This is your soil right? Well, point of correction – This is our soil, our land, our continent. This is AFRICA! People in the western world sometimes refer to Africa a country damn it! Our forefathers, our heroes, didn’t dies for this sh!t. They shed sweat and blood to put an end to anything called “Slavery”. They gave up their life, their future, their joy to ensure we live free. Yet this is how you repay them?!
My brother, you look at me very well and you trade me for a couple of notes? You auction me like I'm some piece of drawing, a property, or a commodity? You belittle me just because I’m passing through your yard on my search for the better life I was promised. You trample on my self-esteem, and display to the world how backwards we are, as a continent.
Oh Mama Africa!
You starve me, jail me, scourge me, and even kill me?! Just to sell me into slavery?... Just so you know – What's most confusing to me about this whole thing is that this retarded act of extreme bestiality is perpetuated by my own fellow African. This amount of pain is being inflicted on me by my own kinsmen. My God! The pain, the disappointment, the grief, the agony.
This sh!t's gotta stop! This is 2017 Damn it! The world has moved past this. Why do we have to dig up buried graves? To what end? If we know how long and how much it cost to break free decades ago, then why would I be stuck in Libya and the course of my life be altered forever by my fellow African. Aren’t we in this sh!t together?  
Stop slave trade in Libya!

God bless Africa!

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