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It was my first time in this restaurant and it was really looking as nice as you’d expect a restaurant in Victoria Island, Lagos to look. The attendants were nice and polite, the whole space was well decorated and arranged, and the music… Oh the music was making me thank God I forgot my earpiece at home. Whoever was behind their music selection definitely knows about “music and public spaces”.
I would later find out that there was more to the music this lovely Saturday morning, than “music and public spaces” knowledge. Lol!
I actually didn’t know I was on set for a drama that was about to unfold. You want to know what it was; right? I know you like gist. So, just across the restaurant were a guy and a lady, doing justice to their dessert. My meal was served and almost at the same time, theirs’ was too.
James Blunt’s Blue on Blue track came on, and the guy “accidentally” dropped something. They both made for the foot of the table to pick it up, and just in that moment, as they bent to pick it, the guy went down on one knee… You know, he bent the knee… You still don’t get it? He proposed! The World Spinsters Association was about to lose a member.
In my mind, I was like “Aww! So sweet!” oh and yea, the dropped item was a signal. Once my guy bent the knee, their friends rushed in, surrounded the couple and started doing their thing. You know, the cheerleaders, the clappers, the recorders, snapchatters, and one particular lady who started shouting “Say Yes!”
I’m not even making this up, the lady being proposed to, was shocked quite alright, but in that moment, you could see a little bit of reluctance written on her face, as she looked down at the guy, and looked around, still surprised at how one second, it was just the both of them and the next second, they were the center of attraction.
For a moment, I had my heart in my mouth, as it looked like something was about to go wrong. The lady just stood there, with a mixture of surprise and reluctance, but as soon as the “Team Say Yes!” captain started chanting “Say Yes!” “Say Yes!!” every other friend, and even some onlookers began chanting along.
A quick warning – During my proposal, if you’re my friend and you dare chant “Say Yes!”, I promise to get up and shove the ring down your throat. What’s the meaning of that? Why won’t you allow my lady make a clear headed decision? Are you normal? Is it your proposal? See, don’t try it with me o. We all won’t find it funny.
If you’re also in the habit of chanting “Say Yes!” “Say Yes!!” when people are proposing, that’s how they’ll chant you or your spouse into saying “Yes!” too, even if “No!” would’ve saved your marriage. Stop that nonsense. You hear me? Is it your "Yes?" Record, clap, just do your thing, but most importantly, allow the lady make a sound, well thought out decision.
That moment is very very crucial. So before you join the “Team Say Yes!”, ask yourself if you’ll like people shouting “Say Yes!” at your proposal.
Better a “No”, than a “Save face”.

So, did the lady say "Yes" or "No"?... Wait, I'm coming. Let me finish my food.

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  1. lol. really you want to finish your food before spilling the beans. you want a shoe thrown at your face?