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“Life is too short to….”

Since the emergence of that phrase in the early years of the millennium, it has been one of the most adopted phrases, used to provide reasons to do… or not to do something. A quick instance – When people ask me why I don’t really watch Indian movies, my response is “life is too short to watch a movie for 5 hours (I exaggerate. I know. Bite me). Indians are so skilled in strategically embedding music videos in movies.

Am I the only one who skips it past the singing and dancing part?

Just sitting to write now, I remember one Indian movie that got me hooked from start to finish. I couldn’t even skip the singing and dancing parts. It was just too good to be skipped. It wasn’t any shorter than usual (2hrs 51mins) but it was a perfect blend of the right ingredients needed to make a badass movie, and one of the few movies to earn a hundred percent on Rotten Tomatoes. But I’m not writing a movie review.

You see, most times, a lot of us journey through life, unconsciously using pressure as the compass, forgetting that life itself is one big “pressure” park. Just like we’ll select whether we’re using the Carousel, the Swing, the Bumper Car, or the Roller Coaster, we should also select the pressure we’re paying attention to, at different points in our lives. A couple of things go right, more go wrong, when pressure is applied.

That’s why sometimes I look around and realize a lot of us might just be the 4th idiot from the movie “3 Idiots”. A lot of people walk around, transferring aggression like Viru “Virus” Sahastrabudhhe, others like Raju Rastogi, totally dependent on spirituality to waddle through life’s pressures; others like Farhan “Fahrenheit”, forming “mans not hot” but burning and choking up deep inside.

Oh! Not also forgetting those of us like Chatur “Silencer” who’s reaction to pressure is simply “The End Justifies The Means”. Then of course, the “Rancho”, pressured into living other people’s lives. One thing that makes no sense is when people do what they hate just so they can be paid enough to afford the things they love. Which is the reason some people only smile at month ends. I’m serious.

A lot of “4th idiot” sports personalities, suiting up to the bank daily. “4th idiot” farmers, sitting in a cubicle, wearing headsets and robotically reciting “Thank you for calling XYZ telecoms. How may I help you today?”. “4th idiot” job seekers, searching for employment for 4 years, when their businesses should be celebrating its 4th anniversary. A lot of us are just living lives according to societal, cultural, financial, and emotional pressures around us.

Our words may be false, our actions may be deceptive, but pressure is a revealer. Give two people the same task. One who’s just there for the money you promised to pay at the end and another who’s not only skilled, but also passionate about that thing and see the contrast in their results. It’s time to stop being the “4th idiot” and exchange the “Pressure Compass” we’ve carried all these while for the “Passion Compass”.

“Follow your passion, for on that path lies the Joy of living a fulfilled life” 


PS: To fully understand this article, you might need to first watch the Indian movie “3 Idiots”.

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