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I remember reading an insightful Facebook post by a blogger who talked about intentionally choosing the pressure you respond to, and the pressure you ignore; and I couldn’t agree more. If as a pre-millennial, you think everything is in the same motion as it was back then, please wake up and smell the coffee.
Welcome to the 21st century world we live in, where the most common slogan is “The End Justifies The Means” the world has never moved this fast, and no one wants to be left behind. Hence, it’s a frantic mad pursuit of the good life. Success has been stripped of its definition and almost everyone is dancing to a new tune – “By any means necessary”.
We now live in a society that celebrates the product and ignores the process. “Who process epp?” The current normalcy of previous anomalies has got some saying it’s just an indication of the end times. You know, everything is all up in your face these days. Day in day out, you’re slapped with bogus success show reel characterized by flashy cars, clothes, followers, money, popularity, and so on.
Does the end really justify the means?
We live in a world where people’s self-esteems are affected by the number of followers they have, the number of likes and comments on their social media posts, who’s had the most body counts, who wears the most expensive wig, who lives the most lavish lifestyle, and so on. We live in a world where rather than getting their hands dirty; the youth would rather go through the “whatever it takes” route. Get money, live fast and die young.
Those who are living right are beginning to feel left behind by the “Slay Queens” on Instagram and Snap chat. Sixteen year old girls are asking one another how many sugar daddies they have. You’re a dulling dude if you decide to work hard and smart, rather than sit behind your laptop with a red calabash on your head, punch a few keys, and go smiling to the bank.
A lot have forgotten that it’s a rabbit hole life – You can never know how far it goes. In the classroom of life, we only want to see your answer. Don’t worry about the workings. “Only God can judge me” is the new slang of consolation, whenever what’s left of the conscience wants to ask questions. It’s a world of statuses, filters, and a hasty attempt to catch up with those who are actually trying to catch up with you.
Does the end really justify the means?
For those who, in the face of the disturbing metamorphosis and the continuous perforation of values and morality, still have words like “hard/smart work”, “leadership”, “spirituality”, productivity”, “emotional intelligence”, “personal development”, “moral etiquettes”, “financial intelligence”, “resource investments”, and so on in their dictionaries, trust me, you are the real MVP’s.
For those who disagree with those three American artistes’ definition of success in that 2009 song titled “Successful”, and understand that the process is more important than the product; For those like me, who have seen “Fly Guys” go from millions in the account to “can I see money for bike?”, Let’s take it upon ourselves to spread the word.
The real reward for what you do is not the result, but who you become through the process.

That, my friend, is Success.

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