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Yup! You read that right.

Call me crazy, but this year alone, it’s the eleventh time everyone is going on and on, wishing everyone (probably except themselves) a happy new month. Statuses are flying like missiles here and there – “Happy New Month”; “November to Remember”; “New Month, New Me” (heck! You said that last month. Are you practicing to be a chameleon or something?).

At the end of every month, I take a reflective look at the month just before its expiration and not only do I realize, but I note the couple of occasions where I took the easy option. I note where I could’ve done more, and count things I never got around to do. After this, I shift my focus to what I was able to get done, and fill my spirit with extreme gratitude.

It’s a new month but I’d rather not get too caught up in the euphoria of the new month and forget how to make the month new. I’d rather change the errors of last month, than change my WhatsApp status, and I’d rather tell us to go make it an actual “New” month, than to “Wish” us a “Happy New Month”. If we don’t make the month different from the last, then what’s happy about the (new) month?

Now, it’s time to rethink, recalibrate, and re-strategize. It’s time to stop procrastinating on those plans since the beginning of the year, and do it afraid. It’s time to take the leap off the cliff and develop wings, mid-air. It’s time to stop with the over-analysis that only leads to paralysis. Dam, it’s time to expose ourselves to uncomfortable but productive behavioural conditions.

Every month comes bearing fresh opportunities. It’s our job to recognize them and seize them. The previous month is gone and gone forever. Reminiscing on what we “Should’ve”, “Would’ve”, “Could’ve” done, wouldn’t take us back in time. Let’s take the new month with gratitude and fortitude, ensuring that this month actually is a new month.

Applying a different approach to the hustle, grinding like we’ve been promised the whole of Wall Street, staying woke like a hungry tiger, and praying like it’s the only thing needed to see results. If we float through the month without making intentional decisions and taking productive actions, we’d realize at the end that there was nothing new about the month after all.

Wishing you a super-productive month.

Let’s go make big things happen.

Yes We Can!

Happy New Month! (oh well).

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