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Wow! Is it really just 40-plus days to the end of the year already? Where’d all the days go? How many of the things we wrote out to accomplish before the end of the year, have we actually accomplished? How many of those things are already looking like they aren’t going to happen this year anymore? Why is it that sometimes, we dive into a challenge before our rational mind, famed for over-calculation can paralyse us?

Other times, we hesitate, calculate, plan, analyse and strategize. But guess what? I’ve noticed that we tend to see results on the first instance, while on the second instance, not quite. The question is “Why do we swing between these two scenarios from time to time?” Probably we weren’t spurred or motivated enough? Or we were sincerely motivated but just got cold feet?

Imagine how motivated you’ll be, if when you wake up in the morning, it’s to Eric Thomas’s audio, you then finish up a book by Zig Ziglar, and start another by Les Brown. On your way to work, you’re able to squeeze in a few YouTube minutes of Tony Robbins. Your head would figuratively be on fire, and you may even start plotting how to take over the world. I’m serious. Sure you know the power of motivation.

In all these, one thing I’ve noticed is that until your biggest motivation gives you that pep talk, every other motivational speech, be it from Jim Rohn, Nick Vujicic, Dr. Wayne Dyer, or anyone at that, wouldn’t amount to anything. Trust me, nothing would change. We can be so motivated, yet not motivated enough to take action. There a lot of people walking around who are “all motivation, no action”.

The voice of your biggest motivation is like a seal of approval, without which nothing can be done. So who/what is your biggest motivation? Don’t be quick to answer, before you start mentioning Success, Money, Family, and so on. All these is a means to achieving one purpose and that’s the FEELING of JOY attached to the achievement of any the means. We all are beings of emotion. Hence, your biggest motivation is YOU.

If the entire motivational speakers in the world were to come together and spend a day inspiring and motivating you, as long as you’ve not given yourself that “Mental Ginger” (in local parlance) trust me, every time you set foot on the ledge of action, you will not jump. No one else sees that picture you see when you close your eyes. Just you. No one else can give you that most important final push. Just you.

When the chips are down, you are left to either rejoice over opportunities you allowed yourself take, or regret the opportunities you allow yourself miss. No one else feels the full weight of the emotion; Just You. So every day you wake up, never forget to give yourself that pep talk. Give yourself valid reasons why you need to accomplish that feat. In other words, find your “WHY”. The most effective motivational speech ever is the one that comes from inside.

You Are Your Biggest Motivation.


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